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The Department of Fine Arts offers major programs in Art Education, Music Industry, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts. Minors are offered music, theatre arts, visual arts, and art history. Collaterals are offered in music, theatre arts, and visual arts. Introductory courses in art and theatre are offered for nonmajors. All Francis Marion University students may pursue the introductory course in music and performance ensembles.

Students majoring in Art Education, Music Industry, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts combine general education courses with lecture courses in art education, art, music or theatre history, and upper-level courses emphasizing studio/performance. Theatre Arts majors may specialize in performance areas or design and technical production areas. Visual Arts majors may specialize in ceramics, graphic design, painting, or photography. A Music Industry degree is offered. These major programs serve as ends in themselves as well as preparation for graduate study, related careers, and the teaching of art.

In support of the University's mission to enrich the culture of the surrounding region, members of the community having an interest in the arts are welcome to take advantage of our visual and performing arts classes as non-degree students.  Such classes include ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, acting, costume design, stagecraft, concert band, etc.

The Department also coordinates the University Concert Choir, Cut Time (vocal show ensemble), The University Theatre, the University Concert Band, the Music Industry Ensemble, the University String Ensemble, and the Fine Arts Chamber Recital Series. In addition, it stages the music, dance and theatre performances brought in by the University Artist Series and maintains the Art Gallery Series featuring a varied rotating program of two- and three-dimensional art exhibits in Hyman Fine Arts Center galleries.  All of these events are open to the general public free of charge.

          Fine Arts Center THE PETER D. HYMAN

Mr. D. Keith Best
Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Professor of Theatre Arts - Acting
M.F.A., University of Louisville
HFAC 102 / (843) 661-1549

Dr. Terry Roberts
Coordinator of Music Program
Director of Instrumental Activities
Assistant Professor of Music
D.M.A., Florida State University
PAC A210 / (843) 661-1681

Dr. Howard J. Frye
Coordinator of Art Education Program
Assistant Professor of Art Education
Ed.D., Florida State University
HFAC 206 / (843) 661-1684

Mr. Steven F. Gately
Coordinator of Art/Visual Arts Program
Associate Professor of Art
M.F.A., Florida State University
(843) 661-1534

Mr. A. Glen Gourley, Jr.
Director of Theatre
Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech
M.F.A., University of Mississippi
HFAC 224 / (843) 661-1538

Mr. David C. Granath
Coordinator of Theatre Arts Program
Professor of Theatre Arts and Speech
M.F.A., University of Miami
(843) 661-1536

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