The Paul Carlson Fractal Museum: Homepage

The Twister Fractal

The work of Paul Carlson opened new frontiers in the field of fractal art and are admired to this day for their beauty and elegance. Mr. Carlson is a computer programmer turned fractal enthusiast that has been working with fractals since the year 1985. His work was quickly recognized and his fractals have been published in numerous books in several languages.

This site offers only a small subset of his actual lifetime work. Mr. Carlson has created over 700 fractals, but this site displays only what can readily be recovered on the internet under his name.

Each gallery consists of a number of small thumbnails. To see the original fractal, in full size and in full detail, click on the thumbnail.

The fractal images on this website may be used on personal and commercial web pages, and in books, magazines, and journals provided: