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Figure 166.  Poster: Archie and Catherine Waiters

This is the best picture in the exhibit of Archie and Catherine Waiters together, so it is now used to reintroduce them when visitors begin their tour of Ms. Tena’s house.  The exhibit is so much more meaningful if the visitors feel that they really know the people who lived here.  This poster is also useful in showing the little shed room addition on the back of Ms. Catherine’s house; it contained a kitchen and a small bedroom.  The door to the left of Mr. Waiters leads into the kitchen.  The bedroom is behind Mrs. Waiters.  (Photo 1984, poster by Amelia Vernon, donated 1998.)
Poster: Archie and Catherine

Archie and Catherine Waiters


Copyright Amelia Wallace Vernon. All rights reserved, 1998. Revised, 2007.