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Figure 157.     Whatnot

This whatnot was given to the hewn-timber cabins collection in 1995 by Robert Gordon Vernon, Jr.  because it was made by African Americans at Mars Bluff.  Amelia Wallace recalled that her grandmother, Louisa Jane Pearce, told of going into the woods with her father, Dr. Robert Harllee, to select a tree for the construction of a washstand, and at the same time they selected a maple for the construction of this whatnot.  It was constructed on Melrose Plantation, which was in Mars Bluff, just north of Jefferies Creek. The whatnot is housed in the Mars Bluff Room, Rogers Library, Francis Marion University.  (Photo courtesy of Walter Wallace Sallenger, 1997.)


Copyright Amelia Wallace Vernon. All rights reserved, 1998. Revised, 2007.