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Figure 17: Archie Waiters with grandparents' picture

Alex Gregg’s grandson, Archie Waiters, spent his childhood in his grandfather’s home and heard the old man tell his stories over and over-- stories of his life at Mars Bluff in slavery.  When Waiters repeated the stories of his grandfather, he gave us a picture of what life was like in a hewn-timber cabin at Mars Bluff during slavery.  (Photo 1984)
Archie Waiters

Photo is courtesy of African Americans at Mars Bluff, South Carolina


Copyright Amelia Wallace Vernon. All rights reserved, 1998. Revised, 2007.

Amelia Wallace Vernon, African Americans at Mars Bluff, South Carolina (Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, 1993. Reprint. Columbia: University of South Carolina, 1995), p.66.