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Figure 116.  Archie Waiters/Ruska Gregg Memorial Glut

When Archie Waiters was retired and had time to sit down and reminisce, he was telling how his great-uncle Ruska Gregg made a white-oak basket.  Stopping in the middle of his story, Waiters left the room and returned with the glut that Gregg had used to make baskets.  Waiters said that I could have it.  I was impressed that Waiters was willing to part with the glut that he had treasured for half a century.  I promised him that I would put it in the collection of tools, and, in acknowledgment of his generosity, I would name it the Archie Waiters/Ruska Gregg Memorial Glut.  That is the reason this little piece of wood has such an imposing name.  (Photo 1994)
Archie Waiters--Ruska Gregg Memorial Glut


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