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The Waiterses’ first home
Iron with Handle made by Blacksmith
Fireplace, Pot, Iron, and Broom Cleaning her Iron
Pot for Cooking in the Fireplace
Wallpaper in Ms. Catherine’s house
Poster Showing Ms. Catherine's Wallpaper
Table, Chairs, and Box Yard Broom
Chair, Primitive Sweeping in a Neighbor's Yard
A Second Yard Broom
Lamp Medicinal Plants
Lamp - a Second One
Bottle and Snuff Can
Table with canned food and gourd Horse Shoe
Jars for Canning
Sewing Machine
Hog Scraper Ed Pinkney
Wooden Trunk
Pump Table with Tin Top
Ms. Catherine's Old Dipper
Gourd with Leather Thong
Large Gourd Dipper Straight Chair
Uncut Gourd
Chair with Arms
Back of Ms. Catherine's House Small Rocking Chair
Diagram of Ms. Catherine's House
Rocking Chair, Porch
Bed & Quilt
Lodge Badge
African Influence in Quilts Jannie Pinkney
Iron Bed
Old House Broom
Ms. Catherine's Quilt Broom Straw
Ms. Catherine's Wash Pot
House broom with special loop
Soap made by Ms. Catherine House broom, new
Ironing Board
A New Home
Ms. Catherine's Iron Where the old meets the new


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