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Figure 79: The search

An exciting part of the hewn-timber cabins exhibit is the search for the African ancestors of the people who lived in the cabins.  Since nothing is known for sure, every clue is exciting.  Though the clues make no definitive connections between the people of Mars Bluff and specific African ethnic groups, the search itself is worthwhile.  It represents a too long denied reaching out to Africa for enduring cultural legacies.  (Map by Dinah Bervin Kerksieck.)  (Photo 1998)
              showing possible origins of ancestors in Africa


Copyright Amelia Wallace Vernon. All rights reserved, 1998. Reised, 2007.

Amelia Wallace Vernon, African Americans at Mars Bluff, South Carolina (Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, 1993. Reprint. Columbia: University of South Carolina, 1995), p.156.