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Figure 162.     Captain McIntyre’s record book

Captain Duncan McIntyre was a farmer who lived several miles from the Gregg/Wallace farm.  This page in Captain McIntyre’s record book shows the amount of cotton picked by various people on three days in September 1895.  It gives a tentative answer to the question, how much cotton would people generally pick?  Note that Minda exceeded all the others, picking 212 pounds in one day.  That was probably Minda Johnson, the wife of Vico Johnson, because they lived on Captain McIntyre’s land on National Cemetery Road in Mars Bluff before they bought their own land.  This book was in the home of Amelia M. Wallace from 1920, when Ms. McIntyre died, until it passed from the estate of Amelia Wallace to the hewn-timber cabins collection in 1995.  This fragile book is in the box with the Wallace papers, in the Arundel Room, Rogers Library, Francis Marion University.  (Photo 1999)
Captain McIntyre


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