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Figure 159.     A page in Walter Wallace’s farm record book

This 1929 page in Walter Gregg Wallace’s farm record book gives a glimpse into the labor system that still prevailed at Mars Bluff as late as 1929.  The first eight lines list the plowmen and the next twelve lines list the hand laborers; both groups worked as gang labor on the landowner’s land.  This is significant when one considers that, in 1865, the goal of the freedmen was to own small plots of land to farm for themselves.  What they did not want was to continue the gang labor system.  Here, over sixty years after slavery ended, while several of the people listed on the payroll were also doing some sharecropping, all of them were still doing gang labor.  This ledger was given to the hewn-timber cabins collection in 1995 by the estate of Amelia M. Wallace, and it is in the Arundel Room, Rogers Library, Francis Marion University.  (Photo 1999)
page in farm record book


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