Cabins from NW

Hewn-Timber Cabins:
African-American life in rural South Carolina
1840s to 1950s

Audio Recordings

In the 1980's, Amelia Wallace Vernon interviewed a number of people from the rural Mars Bluff area to learn about their history and culture. Some of this research became a basis for her book, African Americans at Mars Bluff, South Carolina (Louisiana State University Press, 1993).

Some of Mrs. Vernon's interviews were capured on audio tape, including conversations with people who actually lived in the very cabins now preserved on the Francis Marion University campus.  Follow the links below to hear their voices....

Mr. Archie Waiters talks about picking cotton....
Recorded September 17, 1980.

Ms. Catherine Waiters tells of cooking ash cake....

Recorded June 29, 1988

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