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Self-Paced Mathematics Program

As an alternative option to lecture classes, the Self-Paced Mathematics Program at Francis Marion University is designed to give students majoring in the sciences access to mathematics across a wide range of entry-level courses.


General Description of the Self-Paced Mathematics Program

Almost all of our admitted students take at least two high-school algebra courses, some more recently than others. Those not making top grades or not held accountable for their mathematical maturity may find they do not have the mathematical skills to pass courses satisfying the General Education Requirement of 6 hours in mathematical communications or to enter the program of study of their choice at the University.

The Self-Paced Mathematics Program offers four courses every fall and spring semester:
Math 105-S

College Algebra with Analytic Geometry I
This course is designed for students whose placement scores in mathematics are not strong. Credit for this course counts toward graduation from the University, but the core curriculum at Francis Marion University requires students to pass six hours of mathematics at a level strictly higher than Math 105. Therefore, although this course does count three hours toward graduation, it does not count towards the General Education Requirement in Mathematical Communications. Students enrolled in this course must therefore take nine hours of mathematics in order to satisfy the G.E.R. of the University.

Math 111-S

College Algebra with Analytic Geometry II
This course is designed for students whose with moderate mathematics placement scores. This course does count towards the General Education Requirement in Mathematical Communications.

Math 132-S

College Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry II
This course is designed for students with adequately strong mathematics placement scores. This course counts towards the General Education Requirement in Mathematical Communications.


Placement is initially done by SAT scores, but the misplacement of students can be quickly noted and corrected, resulting in easy transfer into the correct course within the Self-Paced setting.

Students work at their own pace, plan their own test schedules, have planned conferences, get assistance as needed from their instructor, peer tutor, video tapes, and computer tutorials. The Program is a model in collaborative learning. Each course requires that a student take and pass six tests. If the student does not make a 70 or better on a test, he or she must re-study and take the test again until a 70 or better is achieved. Scores of less than 70 do not count against the student in any way.

All students are expected to finish the course by passing all six tests in one semester, but there is an option for those students whose progress is slower. Students who complete tests 1 through 4 may receive a grade of CO (continuing). Completion of fewer than four tests results in a grade of F. Students with a grade of CO will complete the course the next semester by re-registering for it. Upon completion, however, some students may get a head start by beginning the next course in that same semester.

Experience with this program indicates that students work many problems over the course of the semester and become much more skilled in math and reading than they were as high school students. The individual attention, the guided tutors, and the high volume of student work, when combined with the faculty's insistence on a minimum 70% mastery of each topic, yields students whose mathemtical skills are sufficient to take them wherever they wish to go at Francis Marion and in life.

Notes about the Self-Paced Mathematics Program

Our attendance policy is strongly adhered to. Absences and tardies are discouraged. You will be dropped from the course if your attendance does not comply with this policy.

You should spend approximately six to nine hours per week outside of class studying required material.

The Self-Paced Mathematics Program has an Open Door Policy. The facilities are open to all self-paced students every period a class is offered.

Instructors are available outside of class during office hours should you need extra help. Student tutors are also available during the afternoon.

You need to know your instructor's name, office number, and the section number of your class.

Make sure you have your math book, a math notebook, and pencils for the first day of class.

Ink is not recommended for working mathematics in the Program.

Further Information about the Self-Paced Mathematics Program

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Syllabus for Math 105S/110S
Syllabus for Math 111-S
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