Photograph of Math Club trip to Georgia Southern University Spring 2007

Math Club

Shown at left:
FMU Math Club Trip to Georgia Southern University
attending the Regional Section Meeting
of the Mathematical Association of America
in the Spring of 2007

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— Statement of Purpose of the F.M.U. Math Club —

The Math Club is an official Francis Marion University student organization of students and faculty as described in its bylaws. The organization is comprised of members who have an interest in mathematics and who want to be involved in activities outside the classroom that help them learn more about mathematics, mathematical applications, and potential mathematical careers.

The Math Club has regular monthly meetings in which students or faculty members present ideas they find interesting. The Club also sponsors other math enrichment activities such as the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition, participation in the Mathematical Competition in Modeling, travel to the annual conference of the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA–SE) in March, travel to the annual MAA–SE State Dinner of South Carolina in April, and participation in the annual Francis Marion Undergraduate Mathematics Conference in March.

The Math Club at Francis Marion University is also the local student affiliate chapter of the Southeast Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

Most importantly, the Math Club allows members to interact with their fellow students and professors in a casual, informal way. If you become a member, this can help you to gain familiarity with the mathematical community and to strengthen your potential when you enter the job market or go to graduate school.

Announcements about Math Clubs meetings are posted in math classrooms, the Mathematics Department, and elsewhere, and usually are announced in class. Watch for the next meeting!