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—  Mathematical Associations and Societies  —

The American Mathematical Society
A professional society of over thirty-thousand mathematicians. The A.M.S. is principally dedicated to mathematical research.

American Statistical Association
The A.S.A. is an organization whose 16,000 members apply their expertise to many diverse and vital areas.

Kappa Mu Epsilon
K.M.E. is a specialized honor society in mathematics whose members are selected from students of mathematics and other closely related fields who have maintained standards of scholarship, possess professional merit, and have attained academic distinction.

The Mathematical Association of America
The M.A.A. is devoted principally to undergraduate education in mathematics. It publishes The American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, and The College Mathematics Journal. It also arranges for conferences and directs the annual administration of the Putnam Competition.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The N.C.T.M. is dedicated to the highest quality mathematics education for all students.

Pi Mu Epsilon
Π.M.E. is an honorary national mathematics society that promotes scholarly activity among students in academic institutions and staffs of qualified non-academic institutions.

Society of Actuaries
The S.O.A. is most known for administering the Actuarial Examinations.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
The goal of S.I.A.M. is to ensure the strongest interactions between mathematics and other scientific and technological communities. The organization publishes nine journals and hosts several conferences annually.

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Mathematics Websites Around the World
This comprehensive list of websites is maintained by the Department of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University.