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Our Mission

The principal purpose of the Department of Mathematics at Francis Marion University  is  to  offer  all University  students  a  varied  and  well-balanced program  of  undergraduate  education  in  mathematics. In the liberal  arts tradition, the courses in the program teach students to think logically, to analyze problems and solve them appropriately, and to communicate their ideas clearly.
The department provides a broad range of entry-level courses in order to meet the needs of students with widely varying mathematical backgrounds and to provide them with skills appropriate for their selected majors. The mid-level and upper-level curriculum provided by the department leads to baccalaureate degrees in two distinct but overlapping areas: mathematical sciences  and  teacher  licensure  in  mathematics.  These  courses  prepare students  for  careers  in  education,  business  or  industry,  or  for  further study at the graduate level. The department also offers graduate courses in support of the post-baccalaureate program in teacher relicensure.
To  maintain  the  vitality  of  the  department  and  enhance  the  University’s teaching  mission,  members of the  department  undertake  new  course  development,   conduct   research,   or   pursue   other   avenues of faculty development.  The  department  serves  the  general  public  by  hosting  an  annual high-school mathematics competition and by actively participating in workshops, seminars, science fairs, and other programs that support the region’s general education and development.

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