STUDENT SPOTLIGHT - CALEB MCDOWELL - Sophomore, President IISE Student Chapter

Hometown: Marion, SC Hobbies: 4-wheeling Favorite Sport: Football (Clemson Tigers) Favorite Movie: Interstellar

Three Questions with Caleb

1. What about the IE Program has excited you the most? Being able to spend my first summer on internship with Marley was really exciting.
2. Why did you pick FMU? I read an announcement for the IE Program a few years ago when it was launched. After learning more about the program, I was hooked.
3. How have you changed since your Freshman year as an IE? This program has opened my eyes to the value of IE skills, especially the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve.

IE Events Calendar

  • 12/05/2016: Last Day - Fall 2016
    Francis Marion University
    Fall Classes End
    FMU Academic Calendar
  • 12/05/2016: IE Bowling
    Southgate Bowling Center
    Florence, SC
    All IEs, Celebrate Fall 2016
    Southgage Website
  • 12/17/2016: Commencement
    Francis Marion University
    Fall Commencement Ceremony
    FMU Academic Calendar
  • 1/10/2017: Spring Semester Starts
    Francis Marion University
    First Day of Spring 2017 Classes
    FMU Academic Calendar
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