The smile.

Dr. John W. Baker (1923-1986)
Founding Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Founding V.P. Academic Affairs and Dean
Ph.D., Florida State University

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Jack w/ painting
Jack explains layering technique
in Peer Amid Pyramids
Peer Amid Pyramids
Peer Amid Pyramids (1982)

The late John W. Baker, for whom the Music/Art wing of the Hyman Fine Arts Center is named, was the founding Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Francis Marion College, later serving as Dean of Students as well as Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts.

Triple Whiplash
Triple Whiplash (1982)
Another relaxing commencement
Another exciting commencement....

Having received his doctorate in music composition, Jack composed in a wide range of styles for various vocal and instrumental ensembles. He performed often on clarinet: with symphony orchestras and chamber groups for the love of 'classical' music; and in pick-up gigs with Dixieland and swing bands for the pure fun of it.


The house that Jack built....
Polyphonic Pictograph
Polyphonic Pictograph (1984)

A long-time admirer of modern art, when Jack later began to paint, his ultimate goal was to provide multiple images occupying a single space in a manner analogous to musical counterpoint or polyphony. In addition to solo shows at Francis Marion, the Florence Museum, and galleries in Columbia and Winston-Salem, Jack's paintings have been accepted in numerous state and regional juried exhibitions. Several of his works are displayed on campus, including the painting above, which is in the the Fine Arts Center main office.

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