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"I am currently working for se2 in Topeka, KS. My current project is creating a solution for an insurance company to get rid of some of the manual processes that occur when an annuity goes from the accumulation phase to the payout phase. I am working with business analysts, actuaries, accountants, and another developer on our project. "

Danielle Hull
2013 Graduate

"I love how the program has professors with real-world experience. Knowing what I was taught would carry into the workplace gave me confidence that I'd be ahead of the competition. The variety of assignments showed me how versatile code could be and how I could use different tools to tackle problems and issues."

Software Developer, Engility, Charleston, SC
Clay Lundy
2012 Graduate

"The Francis Marion Computer Science Department is excellent. The professors are experienced with real-world applications and are eager to share their knowledge with you both in and out of the classroom. I would highly recommend the FMU CS Department to anyone who is seeking a degree in computer science."
ACS Technologies, Florence, SC
Stephen Lane
2012 Graduate

"The professors and staff in Francis Marion University's Computer Science Department impelled me to expand my knowledge. They taught me the foundations of our field that grew into the skills I now use on a daily basis. In my senior year, my professors set up an internship for me that developed into a full-time position with a growing IT business immediately after graduation. The Computer Science Department at Francis Marion University will work with you one-on-one to help you improve yourself and get on your way to a successful career."
Advance Infrastructure Specialist, HillSouth, Florence, SC
Matthew Kirkland
2012 Graduate

"I started at FMU as a transfer student with one year under my belt and continued my studies in the field of my choice: computer science. I feel that the department gave the intellectual stimulation that I expected from studying in this field. In retrospect, the department pushed me to excel in various directions, not only in my primary field, but also into ancillary areas. While maintaining a well-rounded emphasis in the main area of study, computer science, you also get a solid foundation in mathematics, which I think is incredibly important. If you put forth sufficient determination and effort, the department's curriculum will prepare you for whatever adversity awaits you. If you have genuine interest in the field of computer science, then FMU's CS curriculum will not disappoint."
Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Benefit Focus, Charleston, SC
Edward Hicks
2011 Graduate

"The Computer Science Department at Francis Marion is fantastic. For such a small university, they offer a broad range of courses and internships that give you an excellent overview of the field and help you narrow down your interests as you see fit. The small class sizes also allow you to receive more one-on-one time with the instructors, a huge benefit in such a technical field. All the professors are truly amazing, as they genuinely care for their students. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and bring real-world experience to the classroom that can be applied far upon graduating."
Server Technician, ICT Non Host Windows Server Support, BlueCross BlueShield, Columbia, SC
Patrick Lund
2011 Graduate

"Thanks to the FMU Computer Science program, I am now a System Administrator at ACS Technologies in Florence, SC. I work a lot with SQL Server to maintain and update our databases. I also create, modify, and update Windows and ASP.NET applications using Visual Studio."
System Administrator, ACS Technologies, Florence, SC
Min Byrnes
2011 Graduate

"I am currently working for Google as an Android Security Engineer in Mountain View, California."
Geremy Condra
2010 Graduate

"I am currently a Ph.D student in University of South Carolina. My current interest and research are in mobile robotics. My current work is in path planning in a known environment under uncertainty.I consider a very simple robot --- that is one with only a contact sensor and compass---in an attempt to better understand the nature of the problem and provide an algorithmic solution to a large set of environments and bounds on sensor/actuator uncertainty."
Jeremy Lewis
2007 Graduate

"I am currently employed as the analytics engineer for MTV Networks social gaming group, Located in San Francisco, CA, we are creating new content based Facebook games with the various shows that you have seen through the years from Viacom. Our current game is from the record breaking show Jersey Shore, with more games on the way with brands you are already familia with as well as new content that we are creating."
Patrick Laban
2009 Graduate

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