The Department of Biology is a dynamic group of faculty whose primary focus is to educate young scientists.  Our liberal arts-based baccalaureate degree in biology is tailored to meet students’ future career goals, including:

  1. BulletMedical, dental, and other health-related programs

  2. BulletVeterinary programs

  3. BulletGraduate school

  4. BulletCareers in biology

     One of the strengths of the liberal arts education is the ability for professors to get to know their students, not just as pupils in a classroom, but as friends and colleagues.  This enhances the student’s ability to learn and prepares them for success in the next phase of their careers.  The key factor that contributes to this personal education is the size and organization of the department.  The average enrollment of classes in our department are 70-90 in the introductory freshman classes and 30-40 in the upper-level classes. 

     Our Department places a high value on the laboratory and field experience in the education of all students.  Labs are not taught by Teaching Assistants, but are rather taught by the same faculty that teach the lectures of a course.  Students that meet the requirements are also encouraged to participate in a individual research project under the direct supervision of a member of the biology faculty.

     Are you interested in understanding and protecting our natural resources?  Do you want to be a research scientist, seeking to understand the structure and function of life?  Are you pursuing a career in healthcare?  Then a degree in biology at Francis Marion University can help you get there.

     To learn more about our facilities, courses, and curriculum, please check out the links to the left.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact any member of our faculty or staff.

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